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Lure Review: Zerek Fish Trap

So after 6 months of telling Mr. Cameron Mundy to shut up about using vibes to catch bass we finally succumb to trying something different. We first tried the Zerek Fish Traps up Fly river July this year. To my surprise, the bass loved them along with every other species in the river. We started off by jigging for them in the deep holes in the middle of the river and then after trolling some snags and finding the bass, we decided to cast on the snags which proved to be very effective. The best part of catching the fish on vibes is fighting them on a dead boat so you have to be ready to give everything or be left weeping and try to get your gear out of the snags.

The Zerek Fish Traps come in 3 sizes, but we recommend sticking to 95mm and 110mm sizes for the PNG bass and barramundi we target. We have tried the hard vibes for bass and barra a few years ago, but we believe that the ability to add a curl tail to a soft plastic body makes a big difference, as it adds a subtle sexy movement, especially on the drop.

The hardware that comes with the lures hold up really well with the bass. It is stated on Zerek’s website that they come with Mustad 4x saltwater hooks. Apart from some hook straightening or breakages, we generally use them straight out of the box without any hardware upgrades. The wire through construction gives you that extra peace of mind that the bass won’t just rip the lure apart and leave you with half a lure at the end of your line.

They are available in a wide range of colours but what we have found effective are the BB, RT and FAB colours.

All in all, we highly recommend the Zerek Fish Traps, and it makes a good addition to your arsenal when you plan to visit Papua New Guinea to chase PNG black bass.

Since we have found them to be effective we have them for sale on K2O for when you do a trip with us.

Cheers and tight lines,

Jed Hokins

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