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An Epic Eastern Fields Expedition Season Kick off!

First day of the season started off with a bang with a group from Russia, Norway, Lithuania, Belgium and Czech Republic.

We anchored down at Eastern fields at 0700 and the clients were biting at the bit to get their first dose of punishment out of the way, the group was mixed lot with very experienced anglers along with the guys that had never popped before and one of my rewarding parts of the job is teaching new guys how to pop and jig.

The morning session went good with a lot of smaller G.T. landed until we went around to one of my more favoured spots where the husband and wife duo Nicholai and Natalia ended up with a double hook up. Natalia put her husband to shame by landing a 35kg g.t, not bad considering it was her second G.T. ever. Billy came in to the boat with a grin from ear to ear after finally crossing off guiding a top water Napoleon Wrasse that weighed in at 35kg.

Next two days were a little slow but some quality fish were landed along with another 35kg Napoleon guided by Billy again.

The last three days leading up to the full moon were nothing but hectic with a solid 4-5 hour window for the G. T.’s, it was nothing but spectacular watching 10 - 15 G.T.’s going for the poppers and stick baits then having all of the gt follow the hooked one to the boat, we couldn't help ourselves and had to drop jigs for countless double and even triple hookups.