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Lyra Reef Map

With almost 1000 Nautical miles to travel to the rendezvous point on where the clients will board K20, this will be an endeavor that will surely be one for the books. With a lot of careful planning that took us almost a year to pull off, this trip will be worth it especially for our clients that wants to have a first hand experience of Papua New Guinea's remoteness.

We did some exploration trips from the past and it has no doubt given us amazing results and produced some of the best catches aboard our Mothership K20. Here are some of the photos and reports we had during our Exploration trips!

Woodlark Ridge Exploration




Here in Sportfishing PNG we always stretch our boundaries and keep pushing to new heights. We continously explore and unlock what PNG has to offer for the adventurous souls that wants to experience her raw beauty and wildness.

Within 3 months from now, we will embark on the most epic exploration yet. Do you want to be a part of this adventure?

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