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Eastern Fields to Portlock Reefs

The long journey justified the results of the trip. The question rises deep inside if any is willing to sacrifice the endless Hours on the plane in order to have a good fishing experience in return. I guess we all know the answer…

10 anglers get situated on the K20 for the 140 miles runs from Port Moresby to the Eastern Field to explore and experience such a magical place, and we were not disappointed. I admit that the fishing was a bit slow in the beginning and we ended up moving the boat on the 3rd night to Portlock to fish that area.

4 tender boat were getting out every day rotating anglers all around, so we all had the chance to fish with each other’s. the highlight is that most anglers enjoyed the service and the hospitality on the K20, top notch in every sense!!

I am going to keep it very simple and let you look into the pictures to rewind and dream about our journey to PNG. Saltywater Tackle is running another trip in January 2019 and I am sure the new group is looking forwards to the trip, stay tuned for more reports & pictures coming from our side. some of the pictures I am posting belong to some of the guys on the trip and those are the one that have no (Saltywater Tackle) mark on them.

Tackle Used: Rod: Monster Ledge 250, 250ST, 200, Race Point 250, Ripple Fisher, OBX-400 & 300 2ND generation prototype, Black Hole, Carpenter Reels: Shimano Stella, Daiwa Saltiga, Talica, Accurate, Lures: Siren, Shell Shaping, Hammerhead, Tripper Village, Line: Momoi Hollow Prototype, Jerry Brown Hollow, Shout Sasame Leader: Manyu Fluorocarbone

Tight lines

Sami (Salty Water Tackle)



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