Papua New Guinea has enjoyed a reputation of being the top destination for monster class PNG Black Bass and Barramundi. Blessed with remote rivers that are virtually impossible to reach without proper planning and preparation of an expert team of guides and skippers. Learn more about the destinations we visit and help us explore the unknown here in Papua New Guinea


With virtually unlimited reef, sand flats, and underwater channels, we are truly blessed with a vast number of untouched saltwater territory. With no known visitors apart from the Sport Fishing PNG team, the destinations are untouched. Labeled as the premier saltwater destination in the world, you will not be disappointed.



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The Gents from land down under  having a piece of action in the Papuan Coast! Read how the boys smashed the trip!

Black Bass Addiction


Ultimately untouched and pristine! The chaps from Japan experienced the raw beauty of PNG while having an Epic fishing trip!

Last Frontier Experience

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Check out the dates for 2020 expeditions! Hurry and book now! 

2020 Expedition dates now available for booking!

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After a whole year of planning, finally, we reached Lyra reef! We may have found the ultimate Jigging destination!

Lyra Reef Exploration Trip Report!

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